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Whoever admires a hairstyle on a magazine cover and dreams of showing an equal does not imagine the process to reach ‘perfection’. It is not enough to just brush, shape the curls, pin the hair in place and think that the locks will be impeccable. It is necessary to pay attention to the step by step carried out behind the scenes, which includes those so talked about, but little used in daily life, finishers: mousse, fixing spray, gel, ointment, among others.

“A lot of people are afraid to use products to finish their hairstyle for fear of damaging the threads.

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  • Mousse: “Used before drying your hair, with the wet to wet strands. It serves to prepare and define the curls, giving volume. Ideal for curly and curly locks, as it leaves the texture even more defined. straight hair, unless you use bobe or curling iron “.
  • Spray antifrizz fixative: “Ideal product to fix the hairstyle and not let the unwanted frizz appear. Choose according to the type of fixation expected, without forgetting that if you comb your hair after applying it, it loses its function and loose, requiring a new application “.
  • Fix Max Gel: “Very little used nowadays. I use it more in men’s hairstyles. However, whoever chooses it, can use it to attach a bun or ponytail. The spray has the same effect and leaves no aspect wet, like the gel does “.
  • Pomada Web: “Great for finishing hairstyles with loose hair, especially in short, straight hair, cut with a razor, well defined. In curly hair the effect is also positive and can be a good option for everyday life”.
  • Serum: “Use before or after the brush, using just a droplet, which already gives a great result. Just one drop, even if the hair is long”.
  • Thermal protector: “It can be considered a finisher, since it has the purpose of protecting the threads before brushing or ironing the iron. Indispensable. The hair is perfect, protected and the durability of the procedure is greater than expected”.
  • Crystal Gloss shine spray: “Great option to add extra shine to finished hair”.
  • Dry shampoo: best option for those who are on a bad hair day and want to give a look up without washing the wires! The product, besides giving that ‘wash’ face, controls oiliness and gives texture!

Betting on the use of finishers will give controlled yarns, firm and frizz-free hairstyles and a lot of sophistication.

Buying a good finisher

Buying a good finisher is more difficult than it looks. Women are already used to choosing their shampoo and conditioner but always have doubts about the best way to stay with the hair of their dreams. Depending on the product, it can reduce frizz, add volume, curl or hold a hairstyle and not let it fall apart ahead of time.

Gel, mousse and spray are three of the most used fixative types and still confuse many people when choosing. When applied, they form a film on the threads that, depending on the product, have different results.

The mousse is one of the most versatile. The foam can be spread on dry or damp hair from the root to add volume. To model, just apply from the middle of the strands to the ends. For a wavy or curly effect, just let it dry naturally or with the help of a dryer, the product also helps to smooth. If used before combing, the result will be fuller hair. The ideal is to apply the equivalent of the size of a lemon, but short hair should use a smaller portion – such as a ping-pong ball – to avoid weighing down the look.


Seen by many as a product that leaves hair stiff and wet, the gel is gaining more followers. The most common formula, with alcohol, is known to dry the hair. Pharmacist Pamella Pardal explains that the problem is not the substance, but the health of the hair: “In general, among other functions, alcohol is present in the formula because it makes hair dry faster. Care must be taken when using damaged hair, because the substance can potentiate the damage “. The gel is found in formulas with and without alcohol and is great to have more control over the applied fuse in addition to having a greater fixation.

The spray is the darling of the finish due to its versatility. It can be found in the “dry” types, which only come out when wet, or “humid” which in addition to allowing brushing afterwards, still leaves with a wet appearance similar to the gel. In addition, for each type there are soft, medium or strong options that differ by concentration and the result you want to achieve. The more structured the hairstyle, the stronger the product needs to be.

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